This is TJ

This is TJ. When she was born in October 2020 she had complex medical problems and was given very little chance of survival by the doctors. TJ was born with severe Spina Bifida Meningocele. Doctors had informed her parents that she wouldn’t even be able to move her legs.

Today TJ is a little miracle. But she requires the best quality of physiotherapy to have the best possible quality of life. Her parents, Claire and Jay, have found the Peto Institute in Hungary, who will help to get TJ walking.

The treatment will involve a lot of surgery and physiotherapy and it is very important that TJ starts this as part of her development. Her treatment will take many years.

We all want to walk.
TJ wants to walk.
Please help us and together let’s get TJ walking.

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Thanks for your support. Let’s get TJ walking